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Call for Special Sessions

Special sessions will be organized with the initiative of volunteers. A special session is a group of 6 papers, dealing with a special topic in areas consistent with those of the conference. The special session organizers can present NO MORE than 2 papers inside their session. Any potential organizer (or group of organizers: no more than 2) has to complete the following tasks:

  • Provide Special Sessions Co-Chairs a Call for Papers in the proposed format (1 page max in PDF).
  • Send a potential list of authors and invite them to submit if the proposal is accepted.
  • Send a list of potential reviewers to achieve the review process under the proposer(s) leadership (2 reviews per paper).

If less than 6 papers will be submitted, all papers will be dropped in different tracks to be reviewed as regular contributions. 

Instructions to submit the papers will be the same as the one for regular papers when a special session will be accepted (as described here).

Please use the Special Session proposal form: Special session proposal template.

All proposals should be submitted to the Special Sessions Co-Chairs:


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