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Gala Dinner

The gala dinner will take place in the main lounges of the City Hall.

A remarkable illustration of classicism, Nancy's Town Hall is the keystone of the 18th century architectural complex consisting of the famous Place Stanislas, as well as the Place Carrière and the Place d'Alliance, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The large facade of the Town Hall, decorated with the arms of Stanislas and the coat of arms of the City of Nancy, closes Place Stanislas.

The doors open on a peristyle that leads to the main staircase adorned with a wrought iron banister in one piece, a true masterpiece of Jean Lamour.

The staircase, whose walls are decorated with frescoes by Girardet, leads to the Salon Carré, an Italian-style lounge, which was the antechamber of the royal apartments.


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