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Call for Special Session


Induction Heating

organized and co-chaired by:

Jerzy Barglik, SUT,  Silesian University of Technology, Department of Industrial Informatics, Katowice, Poland, jerzy.barglik@polsl.pl

Bernard Nacke, LUH,  Leibniz University of Hannover, Institute of Electrotechnology, Hannover, Germany,  nacke@etp.uni-hannover.de  


Induction heating belongs to innovation, energy efficient technology matching the requirement of Industry 4.0  rules. From the mathematical point of view it is non-linear, coupled multi-physic problem. The electromagnetic field is associated by coupled thermal, flow, stresses, metallurgical or other physical fields which makes that the problem solution has been still a challenge. The main goal of the call is to collect the papers on the topic in the special session. We think that some “induction heating papers” submitted by now to ISEF 2019 are classified  to other topics like “Coupled problems and special applications” or  “Optimization and computer aided design”. 

We expect papers on following topics:

-          New trends in induction heating and melting,

-          Mathematical and  Numerical modeling of induction heating processes,

-          Optimization techniques and control systems,

-          Practical application of  advanced induction heating technologies

-          Power Systems for Induction Heating,

-          Induction heating in biomedical applications


The best paper of this session will be directly selected for a publication.

The papers submitted to this special session are of course under the same procedure for all conference publications as other papers submitted to ISEF2019.


Submission of papers for the special session Induction heating:

Final deadline was extended till  March 4th, 2019

All the instructions for paper submission are included in the conference website: https://isef2019.sciencesconf.org/


Jerzy Barglik,

full professor, Silesian University of Technology, Department of Industrial Informatics, Katowice, Poland. Professor of Warsaw University of Technology in years 2006-2009. President of SEP in years 2006 - 2014. His area of interests covers induction heating and melting with a special emphasis put on surface hardening, flux induction heating, electromagnetic processing of materials, electromagnetic transportation and stirring of liquid metals

Bernard Nacke,

full professor, Leibniz University Hannover, Head of Institute of Electrotechnology and General Manager of Association for support of Institute of Electroheat at University Hannover since 2000, Hannover, Germany. Development Manager at ABB Induction Furnace Department, Dortmund in 1989-2000. His area of interests covers induction heating for surface hardening, deforming and strip heating, induction melting of metals and oxides as well as electromagnetic processing of materials.


                  Jerzy Barglik                                                                  Bernard Nacke                 

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