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Accompanying person program


The organising commitee propses some cultural tours in the region for accompanying person. The different programs will be organized if the number rof participants is significant.


1 - Pedestrian visit "Art nouveau: at the heart of the affairs"

29th August   2:30 to 5:00 pm     

From place Maginot to place Stanislas, The walk explores the places of the economic life around 1900: stores, banks and other buildings. 
The School of Nancy knew how to take advantage of the technological progress, of the excellence of the decorative arts and the small business crafts to print in the stone, the metal, the glass and the wood, the entrepreneurial spirit which characterizes then the business bourgeoisie.
The visit will end at the Brasserie Excelsior, near the convention center Prouvé

Highlight of your visit:  enjoy a delicious break at the Brasserie Excelsior, with comments and discussion with the guide

Meeting point at the Tourist Office, Place Stanislas

price : 30  euros  (this visit will take place if at less 10 persons are registered)






29th August   9:00 to 5:00 pm    

A cultural excursion to Nancy area is planned; the tour includes:

Morning :  Lunéville :  (30km from Nancy )
guided visit of Luneville castle, Stanislas's residence, Lunéville faiencerie, the embroidery museum.

Lunch at the restaurant « Le Petit Comptoir »

Afternoon : Baccarat :

guided visit of the city ( Saint Remy Church, Town hall)
guided visit of the Museum workshops of crystal glass-making of Baccarat ; one of the most famous crystals in the world.

Price : 100  euros  (this visit will take place if at least 10 persons are registered

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3 - From Sainte-Marie park to the Ecole de Nancy Museum, discovering Nancy’s Art Nouveau

 30th August   2:30 to 5:00 pm   

When we think about the city around 1900, the neighbourhood of the park Sainte Marie is a must-see. Back in 1909 this green haven welcomed the International Great Exhibition of Eastern France whose main attraction was the discovering of hot springs which gave birth to a swimming-pool complex (currently under renovation).
The growing spa industry influenced the surrounding architecture. The nearby Félix Faure street, with its “sea front” style houses is one of the finest example of Art Nouveau in Nancy. This is where one can admire houses designed by César Pain. Their mixed materials and colours give them the qualities of architectural jewels.

You shall end your walk at the Ecole de Nancy museum, just a few meters away from the park. Former home of the Ecole de Nancy movement benefactor Eugène Corbin, the museum houses a rich collection of Art and Design displayed in intimate rooms.
During the visit you will come across furniture designed by the famous Emile Gallé, the innovative yet poetic lines of Louis Majorelle and even amazing stained-glass windows by Jacques Gruber.

Highlight of your visit : visit of the garden of the Museum, Very pleasant with his ponds and his plantations, with numerous plant varieties designed by the contemporary horticulturalists of the School of Nancy

Meeting point at the bus stop « blandan »

price : 35  euros  (this visit will take place if at least 10  persons are registered)



4 - Metz City (50km from Nancy )

30th August   9:00 to 5:00 pm

Departure at 9:00 from Place de la République (near Prouvé center)

Morning Visit of the medieval district :
Important Gallo-Roman city, capital of the Merovingian Kingdom of Austrasia, cradle of the Carolingian kings, capital of the province of the three bishoprics, opulent medieval city… Metz offers exceptional architectural and monumental ensembles.
From the cathedral of Saint-Étienne to the district of the ancient citadel, passing through the square of the Comedy, so many witnesses of its glorious past, emblems of urbanism.


Afternoon  Visit of the imperial district
Exceptional illustration of the Germanic urbanism of the late 19th and early 20th century, the Imperial district offers a synthesis of historical or new styles: neoroman, Gothic neo-Gothic, Neorenaissance, Jugendstil. 
The station, the central part of this neighborhood and elected «most beautiful railway station of France» by Internet users in 2017 surprises by its size (300 meters long) and its neoromanesque style.
This mixed heritage, rich in the past of the two nations, gives all its meaning to the Messina application to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Departure at 5:00 pm (arrival around 6:00 pm at Nancy)
Price : 100  euros  this visit will take place if at least 10 persons are registered


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