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Gmsh: Past, Present and Future

Christophe Geuzaine

University of Liège, Belgium

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Montefiore Institute


Gmsh is an open source finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities. Under continuous development for the last two decades, it has become the de facto standard for open source finite element mesh generation, with a large user community in both academia and industry.

In this talk I will present an overview of Gmsh, and highlight recent developments including the support for constructive solid geometry, new robust and parallel meshing algorithms, flexible solver integration and a new multi-language Application Programming Interface. Time permitting I will also present an overview of current research directions for meshing based on the solution of partial differential equations: from surface remeshing to frame-based hex-meshing.


Professor Christophe Geuzaine

Prof. Geuzaine received his PhD degree in 2001 from the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of Liège in Belgium. After post-doctoral positions at the California Institute of Technology and with the Belgian National Science Foundation, he became an assistant professor of Mathematics at Case Western Reserve University in 2005. In 2007 he came back to the University of Liège, where he is now full professor in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is the founder and head of the Applied and Computational Electromagnetics research group within the Montefiore Institute.

Prof. Geuzaine's research encompasses modeling, analysis, algorithm development, and simulation for problems arising in various areas of engineering and science, with current applications in computational electromagnetics, biomedical and geophysical problems. He has authored numerous papers in the fields of scientific computing and is the co-creator of the popular open source mesh generator Gmsh and the multi-physics finite element solver GetDP.

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